> Financial management with a clear view

Financial management with a clear view

Financial management for charitable organizations is not just investment management. Contrary to popular belief, endowment funds are expected to focus on their spending, not their income! Hence for us, finance is defined as investment advice, cost optimization and grant making.

Cost efficiency is of vital importance to (the reputation of) any charity. This is why we see to it that you have a daily grasp on all your in- and outflows. On top of this we offer CRM software solutions for managing both donations as well as grants as both aspects for important and integral parts of your annual accounts.

  • We offer you both advice as well as the necessary tools to run your organization as efficiently as possible. Lower costs means more budget for your charitable goals

  • We offer grant administration software for all applications you receive for grants and or (interest free) loans you may provide

  • To minimize our impact on your costs, we offer an effort based fee for all our services, including investment management services

  • Our platform ‘my Orchestra’ offers clients insight from anywhere in the world and at any time, into grant applications, income from donors, returns on investments and or costs associated with running your organization

Financial management with a clear view
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