> Your organization as an organic composition

Your organization as an organic composition

We view wealth of acknowledged charitable organizations as an ecosystem. A structure composed of various interacting elements, such as donations, income, expenditure and cost percentages. When we mention governance, we mean amongst others, the coordination and direction of all these focus points in to one organic overview.

Our expertise and services are matched to the requirements of your specific organization, its size and any obligations that stem from its charitable status. We thus create a specific online financial landscape in which you as trustee decide the course and we assume the subsequent responsibility for getting you there.

  • We advise our clients about their responsibilities as trustees and help set up a framework for segregation of powers, through four-eye principals and authorization modules

  • We help our clients with their annual reporting obligations, including current topics such as risk management and impact measurement

  • We see to it that all relevant documentation can be found and retrieved easily

  • Via ‘my Orchestra’, a bespoke and secure online platform, anyone with pre-set authorization can be granted access to up-to-date information from anywhere in the world.

Your organization as an organic composition
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