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Frequently asked questions

Dealing with the assets of others requires the highest degree of professionalism, integrity, and transparency. Trust is the key word here. Because we are not the butcher who inspects his own meat, Orchestra has joined the following supervisory and licensing bodies: De Nederlandsche Bank, Autoriteit Financiële Markten, Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens, DSI, and KiFid. This provides you with the assurance that we meet the strictest requirements.

For our services, we do not charge a percentage based on the assets, like most banks, but a fixed annual fee. Why? Because a fixed rate is much more transparent and does not involve (often opaque) cost stacking, as is the case with an asset-dependent fee. And lower costs mean more budget for your charitable cause.

Our services go beyond investment advice. We see the assets of ANBI and CBF-recognized organizations as an ecosystem, a structure consisting of various interacting elements such as income, expenditures, and cost percentages. We coordinate and manage all these aspects to create a balanced and cohesive whole. In essence, we view comprehensive asset management as a collaboration between governance, financial management, and administration. By accurately mapping and aligning all components of your foundation’s assets, you gain a better overview. This not only brings peace of mind and saves time but also means you have more funds available to allocate to your social mission.

Orchestra does not work with standard software but has developed its own in-house online platform called “Mijn Orchestra” from the very beginning. We continuously improve this platform, taking into account input from our clients. Why? Because such an online office specifically designed for our foundation clients did not exist yet. This allows us to focus solely on relevant features, user-friendliness, and, of course, security, which is paramount in our financial services. Through our “more eyes” processes, we provide advice on the obligations of board members and a logical division of roles and tasks within the organization. We ensure that all documentation is easily accessible for you in Mijn Orchestra, your personal and secure online environment, where only authorized individuals can access current data at any time.

Asset management for charitable organizations is not only about investing. For example, endowment funds are expected to focus primarily on maximizing their expenditures rather than income. Therefore, we understand asset management, in addition to portfolio management and minimizing associated costs, as also encompassing the establishment of integrated project administration or the management of liquidity.

For fundraising charities, cost control is of great importance. That is why we ensure a clear and efficient processing of your income and expenses. Additionally, we provide useful CRM tools for managing your donor database. Donations, after all, constitute a significant portion of annual income.

Trust begins with a solid administration. We record and structure all incoming and outgoing financial flows, whether it’s project administration, donor management (for charities), or invoices. The result of this process is made available to you 24/7 through Mijn Orchestra, your personal and secure online environment. This allows you to take the right actions with peace of mind, such as authorizing payments that we can perform on your behalf, if desired.

Running a charitable organization increasingly involves complying with laws and regulations. You are expected to report in accordance with prescribed guidelines, have proper documentation of processes, and share collegial responsibility for the accuracy of an ANBI (Public Benefit Organization) and/or CBF (Central Bureau on Fundraising) compliant administration. Without taking away your ultimate control, we are more than willing to take on this necessary work on your behalf. This includes delivering the annual financial statements and assisting in discussions with the external auditor.

In addition to offering a comprehensive service package that focuses on the interplay of governance, asset management, and administration, along with its own secure online platform and fixed rates, Orchestra distinguishes itself as a specialist in the field of charitable organizations. Through our daily work with numerous charities and foundations, we have accumulated specialized knowledge in “chari compliance” and can provide proactive advice to our clients, including navigating the ever-changing landscape of laws and regulations. Furthermore, we are able to share insights gained from practical experience with all of our clients.

Absolutely! Our Portfolio Management department, led by Managing Partner and investment expert Dave Price, is responsible for all investment, treasury, and financing matters of clients. Perhaps even more importantly, they oversee the entire process, including determining an appropriate investment or portfolio strategy, executing it effectively, and evaluating the results. The investment team unravels seemingly complex investment dilemmas – even in these exceptional economic times – and provides a clear, manageable, and efficient solution for all clients. For foundations, this means they are better able to achieve financial goals and maintain focus on their foundation’s mission.

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