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Working at Orchestra

Plenty of personal responsibility for financial and administrative talents


The comprehensive vision of Orchestra is well received. Through the interplay of governance, asset management, and administration, clients experience a high level of peace of mind. Not only because Orchestra works with fixed, pre-agreed rates that contrast sharply with traditional hourly billing or percentage-of-assets models, but also because the orchestration of all asset components provides clarity and tranquility. This also includes insights into opportunities, risks, and action points.

Orchestra is looking for colleagues for exciting positions in a young, growing, and ambitious Orchestra team. In addition to our Charity Office, we are also rapidly expanding our Private Office services (including the management of more complex private administrations, including holding companies, family foundations, etc.).


  • Are you (almost) graduated in a WO or HBO degree in business economics or accountancy? Alternatively:
  • Do you have an MBO 4 degree with several years of relevant work experience? Alternatively:
  • Do you already have (significant) years of experience in an administration/accounting/trust firm and are familiar with the entire spectrum of managing accounts for different types of clients?
  • Are you ready to take on a lot of personal responsibility?
  • Are you genuinely interested in your clients?

Arjan van Gulick: ‘At Orchestra, you get opportunities’

His still young career reads like a boys’ book. About the newspaper boy who is on his way to becoming a media magnate. Well, a little exaggeration is allowed, of course. The point is that Arjan van Gulick (28) joined Orchestra after being pushed around for two years in the jungle of a too big accounting firm. The smaller Hague-based Orchestra looked at what Van Gulick really had to offer and quickly gave him responsibility. And a permanent job. In the meantime, he – being in the company for five years – is an account manager and product owner of “Mijn Orchestra,” the online platform that his clients rave about.

Arjan: ‘I am proud of what I do and what I have already achieved, but that is also because at Orchestra we give each other opportunities. Everyone is valued here for their specific qualities, and elbowing is neither necessary nor desirable. The more like-minded souls, the more joy. What really matters here is what you can accomplish in practice. If you really want to develop yourself, you get plenty of opportunities here. It’s up to you to seize them.’

Read the interview (Dutch) with Arjan van Gulick.

Tanja Haremaker: “Breaking Down Barriers, Putting the Customer in Focus”

Five years ago, she had had enough of the increasingly mind-numbing tick-box compliance race to the bottom. She was tired of the lack of meaningful customer contact and the compartmentalization of her profession. Her move as an auditor from a corporate setting to the smaller Orchestra was a breath of fresh air for her. The barriers came down, and the customers became visible again. Her work as a controller/account manager for Orchestra’s charity clients suddenly became broad and personal. Tanja Haremaker is still in that warm embrace.

Tanja: “We are highly professional, but not ‘corporate’ in a hierarchical sense. Everyone at Orchestra has a significant personal responsibility. Personally, I find it extremely satisfying to apply my expertise in a sector that genuinely cares about making the world a better place. I have not regretted my decision for a single second since I made the move to this independent-minded team five years ago.”

Read the interview (Dutch) with Tanja Haremaker.