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Asset Management

A broad span of control over investments, treasury and liquidity

For most endowment funds, keeping the purchasing power of the fund intact is crucial, as this enables them to continue their missions over the long (often in perpetuity) run. This requires a stable return on investments, tailored to the annual budget of the fund at the lowest possible costs.

Orchestra is a completely independent asset manager. Because we are not a bank, nor broker or fund manager, our only revenue comes from the fixed annual fee our clients pay us. Contrary to the industry, we do not charge our clients a percentage of their assets, nor do we make money on any underlying transactions. Our clients are the foundations, not their assets. This approach instantly delivers significant additional future returns for our clients – and for you, too!

Based on a carefully established investment profile, risk appetite and required asset allocation, our team of investment professionals sets out to implement the investment or treasury mandate.


We approach asset management in an institutional way;
a consistent investment process where asset preservation and a long-term focus are key.

We focus on managing and limiting investment risks in exchange for a fitting return on investments.

We are independent, do not make any additional money on instigating transactions and only charge our clients a fixed and very competitive annual fee for our services.

We are a very experienced and efficient organisation, operating under licenses of the Dutch Central Bank, the Financial Regulator AFM. We are also affiliated with the Data protection authority and the Dutch Securities Institute.